OKVW and Turner VW Present:
Das Autoschau

Okanagan's Premium Eurocar Weekend
City Park, Kelowna. July 21 2019


About the Event


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Presented by OKVW and Turner VW:

First established in 2011, this is a yearly German/Euro car show and weekend put on by the local VW/Euro Enthusiast group, OKVW and this year is partnered with Kelowna's Turner VW.

What started back then as simply Das Autoschau has grown to now become DAS (Das AutoSchau) Weekend which pulls in participants from Northern BC, the Kooteneys, Vancouver, Vancouver Island, Alberta, and even the United States.

The weekend now includes such events as Turner VW's Meat N Greet BBQ on Friday evening, Kelowna Audi's Pancake Breakfast on Saturday Morning, and the Dave Potts Memorial Cruise N Dine to Big White Mountain Resort at over 5800 ft above sea level.

It all culminates with Sunday's Das Autoschau European Car Show right on the beautiful Okanagan Lake in the South Plaza of Kelowna's City Park!

There will be more to come so stay tuned on our main facebook event page. You can follow the main event page for the whole weekend on Facebook @DasAutoSchau or by searching any of the individual event pages under '9th Annual DAS Weekend'

We look forward to seeing all of you excited eurofans there!



With events throughout the weekend from small to large!



VW, Audi, Porsche, BMW, Jaguar, Mini, Saab....if it's euro, it's there!


Kelowna's City Park to Big White

The Okanagan is opened up to you from 'on the lake' to '5800 ft above sea level'


July 19, 2019
6:00pm - 8:00pm
Turner VW's Meat N Greet BBQ
Venue: Turner Volkswagen, Kelowna, BC
2150 Enterprise Way, Kelowna, BC
DAS Weekend is kicking off with a BBQ at Turner VW! Chance to meet the fellow euronuts you'll be spending the weekend with, drool over some new cars, and eat some good food with the title sponsor for Sunday's show!

Bring the cars, bring your friends, bring the family! CHECK OUT THE BRAND NEW LOCATION!!!

As with all the events this weekend, this is an alcohol-free event and will be strictly monitored and enforced.

Check out the event page on Facebook for maps and more info (Search "8th Annual DAS Weekend - Turner VW Meat N Greet")
July 20, 2019
9:00am - 11:00am
Kelowna Audi and Interior Audi Club - Pancake Breakfast
Raising $$$ for Charity
Venue: Kelowna Audi
2621 Enterprise Way, Kelowna, BC
Audi Kelowna with the help of Interior Audi Club are hosting a breakfast and mini Show N Shine for all us euro-lovers on Saturday Morning!

Come see the gorgeous Audis and their dealership and with a minimum $5 donation you also get breakfast! 100% of proceeds will be given to the Vancouver Children's Hospital!

Breakfast will be served from 9-11 shortly followed by the Dave Potts Memorial cruise that starts at Noon (mini cruise from the Audi Kelowna to the cruise meet at Capital News Event Centre will leave at 11:15)

Check out the event page on Facebook for maps and more info (Search "8th Annual DAS Weekend - Audi Kelowna Pancake Breakfast) As with all the events this weekend, this is an alcohol-free event and will be strictly monitored and enforced.
12:00pm - Whenever
Dave Pott's Memorial Cruise N Dine
Cruise to Big White Resort - Lunch at Global Cafe
Venue: Meet at:
Capital News Center
4105 Gordon Dr, Kelowna, BC

Cruise to:
Big White - Village Center Parking Lot
Meet spot will be the SW (Gordon/Lequime) corner of the Capital News Centre parking lot.

DRIVER'S MEETING IS AT 12PM and we'll be cruising up for lunch at 2:30pm at Big White's Globe Cafe (or possible Blarney Stone...same owners) We'll have it set up so that you can sit down and have lunch right away. Last chairlift up is 4:30 pm so there should be time to have lunch and then go for a hike and enjoy the mountain if you'd like.

Check out the event page on Facebook for maps and more info (Search "8th Annual DAS Weekend - Dave Potts Memorial Cruise)
July 21, 2019
10:00 am to 10:30 am
Das Autoschau - Pre-Registered Entry
Venue: Kelowna City Park, South Plaza
This is for pre-registered cars only! Come and get the primo lakefront spots because, hey, you paid for it goshdarnit!
10:30 - 11:00 am (or until full)
Das Autoschau - General Entry
Venue: Kelowna City Park, South Plaza
Gates will be open for cars that haven't pre-registered to get in to fill up the remaining space.
11:00am to 3:00pm
Das Autoschau
Hosted by OKVW and Turner VW
Venue: Kelowna City Park, South Plaza
OKVW and Turner VW Present the Okanagan's Best Eurocar Weekend!

Open to all Euros: VW, Audi, Lambo, Ferrari, Porsche, BMW, Volvo, Saab, Mini, MG, Jaguar, Peugeot...you could maybe even make an argument for a Lada ;)

We have exclusive access to the South Plaza of City Park where we will have cars and tents lined up all the way to the beach!

There will be activities and games for everyone including car limbo and more!

Awards will be at 3pm but we have the space reserved until 5pm so stick around for some more activities and enjoy the beach!

You're within walking distance of all that downtown Kelowna has to offer! Restaurants, Pubs, Clubs, Live Music will all be there for any out-of-town guests arriving on Saturday Night to enjoy and there's plenty going on during the day for Sunday. Kids can go enjoy the waterpark, the skatepark is open, the beach will be hot and the water will be refreshing!

We request, but certainly don't require, that cars stay until awards and closing remarks.
We're excited to announce that we have split last year's Top 10 model into Top 5 OEM/OEM+ and Top 5 Custom!

These are both still open to ANY euro and include both aircooled and watercooled. You'll be asked at registration which category you'd like to be judged in

Top 5 OEM/OEM+: Love how your ride looked straight off the factory floor? Have you worked hard to keep it like that or bring it back to that? Have you added little touches that only the most devoted of fans would see? This is the category to reward you for that hard and often overlooked work. **Take note though**, the newer your car the harder this category is going to be to win. Judges will be taking into consideration that it's pretty easy to buy a brand new car and keep it stock and showroom ready if it's only a couple years old ;)

Top 5 Custom: Lifted it? Slammed it? Bagged it so you can do both? Turbo'd it? Supercharged it? Built a kit so you could do both? Painted it? Wrapped it? Dipped it so it feels like you did both? This category is for all the things you changed, build, dreamed to make your ride uniquely your own.

Start building your write-ups and displays now! Show off your work and enlighten others that maybe don't even know how/what you did!

We are also bringing back:

Best Dressed - This trophy is for the best overall theme of the vehicle. Don't have the craziest build or the most pristine old model? Well find a theme and dress it up like your favorite character, company, race event, or whatever! Think of this like halloween for your ride!

Wild Card - This could literally be for ANYTHING! If it makes the Judges go "woah" or laugh until our pants need changing or warms our cockles this trophy could be yours. But please know, our judging team really loves safety so don't make your car a safety risk to try and snag this.

People's Choice - Vote for your favorite car and we'll have a prize for one randomly drawn voter!

Totally new this year:

Children's Choice (Sponsored by Real Property Management) - GET THE KIDLETS OUT! Let the next generation of car enthusiasts pick a car and we'll have a kid's pack prize for one random voter (All kids under the age of 12 are eligible)


Spectating is free of charge. You can pre-register or registration will be available at the gate, space permitting.

    • $20/car

    • Show Space

      • Fee can be sent via e-transfer/paypal to das.okvw@gmail.com
      • Send info via form below AFTER payment has been sent
      • Register ON OR BEFORE June 24th and receive a free show shirt
      • Includes show space and eligibility for judged trophies
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